Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Mornings on Vacation

We are on vacation. Usually if a Sunday falls during vacation we treat it like any other vacation day. In the past Aaron has asked if we could have some sort of service, whether it be a devotion time or singing some worship songs. Usually the time goes by, people get busy, and we aren't able to set aside the time. This vacation we were able to corral everyone and have a short devotion led by my Dad and then sing a few songs. During this time whether the kids wanted to be there or not they all did a good job of answering the questions and joining into the singing. Everyone but Wes. When Papa asked a question Wes was quick with a response, not a Biblical I appreciate what you are doing for me response, but a response like: "This is ridiculous, I am to important for this, and I have better things to do with my time. Wes's attitude stunk! After we had our devotion time together, Flyboy and I took Wes back to our condo and had a little chat. I was really disappointed with his attitude. I asked him why he was so put out. He told me it was because he was just so excited to get his vacation started that he didn't want to have to sit through church. I tried to explain to him that it is only by God's blessing that we were even able to be in a condo, and have air conditioning, 3 resort pools to chose from and a lake to swim in. I told him that God provided those things for us and out of Gratitude we could spend a few minutes with Him. I tried to use a word picture. I said, imagine that you have your whole tote of Lego's.  You decide that you would like to watch Liam enjoy those Lego's so you give them to him. You say Liam, I want to give you my Lego's and you may play with them for 7 days, there are no strings attached but on the 7th day if you chose I would like to play them with you. I can see what you have been building and I can show you ways to grow your buildings and your abilities. So for 6 days you watch him play with the Lego's. Sometimes he laughs and has so much joy, other times he seems so frustrated. You anticipate the day he will bring the Lego's to you so that you may enjoy them together. I asked Wesley how he would feel if Liam said, "I don't want to enjoy them with you, I want to play them by myself." Wesley's response was right on. He said, "I would feel sad because I gave him the Lego's and I would feel sad that he did not want to be with me." 
After our talk I could see he got it. He gave me a sweet and very heart impacted hug. I walked away feeling energized and then it hit my like a two by four (not really sure what that means since a two by four can't actually pick itself up and hit me. And a two by four is not a type of hit...aaaannnnyyywwwaayyy). I became so humbled. God had used my child and an explanation designed for a child to teach me a lesson. Yes Wesley benefited from it but I know it was really meant for me. 
I often give God my last. My last stretch of patience, my last plea for wisdom, my last cry of frustration, my quick utter of thanks, or request for protection. God watches me walk through it all. He watches me enjoy his blessings, or face trials, He watches me do it alone, desiring to fill me back up. He says come and rest, rejuvenate your heart, your soul. be with me. Let me enjoy my blessings with you. 
God used a story about Lego's and two little boys to humble this Momma's heart.  

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