Thursday, July 5, 2012

A pain in my GUTT>>>

Recently I have been struggling with chronic pain in my stomach. It is by no means extreme, but it won't go away and therefore is becoming unbearable. I went to the Dr. and she is having me do an elimination diet. I know that I have a milk allergy, but she is wondering if cutting out gluten will be beneficial. Well just so you know there is not a whole lot that accommodates gluten and milk allergy. At least not a lot in the super small town I live in. Oh well, I always fantasize about becoming one of those kitchen efficient, made from scratch, down to earth momma's so maybe here is my motivation. It boils down to make it from scratch, cheat, or starve to death. So far the starve to death option is the only one I have had time for. Having 3 very demanding little people, plus a son with a soy/almond allergy makes cooking next to impossible. Recently I have been losing my appetite which has made deciding what to eat a lot easier but gaining and maintaining weight much more difficult. One of the positive aspects of all these health issues is my ability to serve reality consequences to the boys (and sometimes flyboy) and sleep train Emmalee. I don't have the energy or blood sugar levels for creative discipline, and Emmalee is becoming so high maintenance with her sleep so I could see it was time. I used to feel bad feeding her and then putting her in bed to "work it out." But now my belly hurts and holding her while she squirms and practices her Olympic gymnastics routine is just not working out. 

Day 3 of sleep training
Afternoon nap was a success! I needed that encouragement!


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  1. She looks as though she fell asleep deep in some sort of worship. :)