Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Feeling stuck

Lately I have been feeling a strong urge to move. Not move geographically, or even move as in from room to room, but move...spiritually.  I am ready to do something for God. I believe he calls us to be in a state of readiness. I have so many passions, desires, dreams, callings... So what is God calling me to do? Where will my readiness take me? Well get ready to grip your seat in shear thrill over the excitement of the adventure I am currently embarking on....I am....wait for it......currently....wait for it....Yup that's it! Confused? Sometimes that is how I feel. Confused. Why do I feel so prepared, what is the hint from God I think I am receiving? Well I guess my big adventure is this moment right now, just to wait. Waiting but being willing to live in readiness. Flyboy and I feel like we are in a position of holding. It's funny how we often find ourselves here. You know in waiting...
But in the meantime I am always learning (often the hard way).
Flyboy and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary. With that celebration I feel came the closing of one chapter and the opening of a new one. I guess I should say the end of Volume I and the beginning of volume II. To much has happened in the first 10 years to just call it a chapter. Here is a brief table of contents for Volume I.
             1. Marriage: June 15, 2002
             2. BA graduation May, 2003
             3. Move to STL, pilot training begins
             4. Baby boy #1 Wes: May 16th 2005
             5. Flyboy becomes flyboy in the corporate world...February 9, 2007
             6. Move to Kirksville, Missouri
             7.Continue dream of adopting start the process for real in the Ethiopia program.
             8. Baby boy #2 Liam: born June 2nd 2008, comes to our family December 8th.
             9.Start MA in Counseling Jan. 2010
           10. Move to our new house in town          
           11. Baby girl born Dec. 5th 2011
            12. Graduate MA in Counseling: December 19th 2011...
That brings us to now. Where am I, scratch that where are we headed?

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